Placement fee for interns

How much is the placement fee for interns?

Our agency requires a placement fee for interns as follows:

After the “OK” of the company and the intern we will charge you for our service. The first contact / first acquaintance and commitment on both sides of intern and company is the most important thing!

Do I have to pay as intern?

Our companies are well selected and controlled by our agency. Important is to find the right place for you.

Admin fees for INTERNS

for interns

  1. € 60,– deposit, what means that you would like to start working with us.
  2. REST of the payment will be due when you are accepted by the family.

Placement fees are:

Placement fee in Europe (for Europeans in Europe)

€ 200,-

Placement fee for the rest of the world

€ 400,-


100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE forinterns

*Deposit will be refunded if we could not find a company for you within 6 month.

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